2023 Winners!


All 2023 Teams

The Rib Ticklers

A family founded team that went from patron to participant. With a passion for barbecue and a collective drive to better the community, the Rib Ticklers are an MCRCO award-winning team; their success only furthering their love of the event and competition. Flavors feature a sweet yet spicy cherry chipotle barbecue with a taste of first place.

Smokestack Joe’s

MCRCO welcome’s Smokestack Joe’s, a family team that is new to competition but not new to barbecue. They got addicted to cooking BBQ after receiving a smoker awhile back and it quickly turned into a favorite hobby. They’ve done a few private cooking events and enjoy cooking for a crowd. Now we are ready to try our hand at competition BBQ.

A Simple Pig

Like everyone who competes – for returning Marshfield Rib Cook-off competitor and 2021 2nd place winner “A Simple Pig”, it all started when friends and family tell you “this is the best BBQ I have ever had” and from there you are hooked…

South Shore Smoke Show

The South Shore Smoke Show competed for the first time in 2016 and has been a crowd favorite at the Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off every year since. The team has grown throughout the years and is made up of backyard BBQ buddies who have combined their talents to produce an incredible proprietary pork rib recipe and smoking method that continues to have crowds coming back for more year after year.

Professor Smoke

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome “Professor Smoke” as a 2023 competitor.

Mickey Finn BBQ

Delivering tasty BBQ since 2013. Bunch of friends coming together, sharing a love of BBQ and supporting great causes. We are not pros, but, we promise, you’ll come back for seconds, thirds and maybe even fourths. Every year, we ALWAYS have repeat customers!

Cohasset Punchahs

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome “The Cohasset Punchahs” as a 2023 competitor.


The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome back “JDQ BBQ” as a 2023 competitor.

South of Boston BBQ

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome “South of Boston BBQ” as a 2023 competitor.

Jimmy D’s BBQ

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome back “JD Que” as a 2023 competitor.

Matt’s Backyard BBQ

Family team started in 2020. From Somerset Massachusetts we are in our 3rd season as a pro KCBS team. To date we have done 15 competitions including at the World Food Championship in Dallas Texas in 2022 .

Big Bobby’s Q

Big Bobby’s Q is a new comer to the world of competition BBQ. Starting in 2019 with a smoker as a gift has turned from hobby to obsession. Competing for the first time in 2022 at a backyard level event to competing against seasoned pitmasters. Team goals, to have fun and enjoy the process. Bonus hear there name called during awards.

Wood & Steel BBQ

Wood and Steel BBQ started out in the early 2000’s when 3 friends discovered that they each enjoyed hanging in their backyards and cooking slow and low (Before it was so popular in this part of the country.) It didn’t take long for the 3 friends to start smoking meats slow and low together. When it came time to compete the friends named their group Smoking Pigs BBQ. They kept that name for years until it was time to compete in KCBS competitions where Smoking Pigs BBQ and every other variation of it was taken so Wood and Steel BBQ was born.

Kath’s Racks

Kath’s Racks is a scrappy team of twenty-somethings who have a burning love for smoked meats and friendly competition. Lead by Kath Mooney, professional “broad” caster with no barbecue experience prior to Thanksgiving 2020. After last year’s competition it was determined that we must continue sharing Kath’s Racks for years to come. This is our second year, and we are super excited.

Patriot Pigs

Team is made up of Fire fighter, police officers and military members.

First Rib-Sponders

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome back “First Rib-Sponders” as a 2023 competitor representing the Marshfield Fire Department.

Saints BBQ

A Saint’s BBQ rib aims to focus more on the rub, and is not as saucy or wet as some other ribs. It combines a homemade savory rub with a thin coating of a sweet glaze that keeps the rib moist, but does not overpower the rub.

Sarcastic Swine BBQ

Sarcastic Swine BBQ is a quick service restaurant in Abington with a satellite location in Middleborough. We offer full service catering, takeout catering, and we have a brand new food truck this year. We started out in competitions, but don’t get to often anymore. Winner of the People’s Choice Award of the MCRCO 2022.

Half Inked BBQ

Two cousins, one with Tattoos and one with none, got into BBQ accidentally at the same time. Greg, with Tats, started on a stick burner. Pat, with out, started on a Pit Boss. Family members independently started raving over the food that was being cooked, and we started comparing recipes. We quickly realized that if we put our heads together, we could make something of this. COVID hit, and all was put on hold. After COVID restrictions were lifted, we hit the BBQ circuit slowly, starting off at local VFWs, then moving to doing one KCBS a year. Still getting our feet wet, we are having fun BBQing and meeting those fellow BBQers!

Ya Porkin’ Me BBQ

Ya Porkin’ Me BBQ is a Plymouth-based team that has been competing in NEBS and KCBS since 2017.

16 Mesh BBQ

A family team who have been competing since 2021 and loves bbq and sharing our food with the world. Thankful to have won a grand championship at the Central Maine BBQ Cook-off in June 2022. This led us to the American Royal and Jack Daniels BBQ Championships.

The Smoky Jakes

The Smoky Jakes is new to MCRCO this year and sponsored by the Scituate Fire Department.

Morning Wood BBQ

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome back “Morning Wood BBQ” as a 2023 competitor.

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