The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-Off

Saturday, September 10, 2022 @12pm

Get fired up for Saturday September 10th, 2022 from 12pm to 5pm at the Marshfield Fairgrounds

Join us for the biggest MCRCO event yet!

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-Off

Saturday, September 10, 2022 @12pm

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-Off (MCRCO) returns to the Marshfield Fairgrounds on Saturday September 10, 2022 and is shaping up to be the biggest event ever.   While the MCRCO team is busily preparing for the big day, we urge interested teams to secure registration early as space is limited.


Organizations We Support

Marshfield Food Pantry

The Marshfield Food Pantry serves close to 200 families on a monthly basis, the bulk of their funding comes from private donations. During the COVID lockdown they opened their doors to anyone in need, regardless of where they lived.

McKinney Vento Foster Care

The McKinney-Vento program of Marshfield serves students who are homeless, in foster care, or in serious economic hardship. Click to learn more about the program and how to donate.

Marshfield FACTS

Marshfield Families Adolescents and Community Together against Substances (FACTS) is the community coalition for substance abuse prevention in Marshfield, MA. Click to follow Marshfield FACTS on Facebook and learn about their community wellness initiatives.

NCC Adult & Youth Missions

The North Community Church, where the MCRCO event was founded in 2009, offers opportunities for young people and adults to experience the personal growth, connection, and development of life skills while serving those in need.

Clift Rodgers Free Library

Clift Rodgers Library (CRL) is an informal independent library. It is one of only a few self-sufficient lending libraries left in the nation. For more than 100 years, it has rewarded those who have discovered it with a satisfying variety of reading matter.

Get Involved... It truly takes a village!

We are incredibly grateful for the time, talents, and financial support of our teams, sponsors, volunteers, rib-lovers and the Marshfield community-at-large. 

Together we make a difference

Thank you 2022 Sponsors!

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We will be unveiling a new vendor from the local community tomorrow morning at 7:40 on 95.9 WATD’s Morning Drive with Rob Hakla. Tune in to find out more!!!!!

We are officially 100 days from the 2022 Marshfield Community Rib Cook Off on Saturday, September 10. Who’s ready to take a shot at the 2021 Champs ‘Fire For Effect’? Sign your team up today or purchase your event wrist bands at before it’s too late!

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Today we joined one of the MCRCO beneficiaries, Marshfield FACTS, in hanging this banner at the Marshfield Town Pier to promote boating safety for the summer

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We have revamped our website. Cruise on over to to see last years winners, register your team or donate to this years event! ...

This week we joined the Non Profit World podcast on Marshfield Community Access TV to discuss how the rib cook off started, how it's evolved over the years and the plans for the 2022 event. Take a look and remember to hit that like button.

Always got dem ribs on our mind!
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6:00 AM comes early for the competitors but once the smokers get going and the smoke starts rolling, it’s a beautiful sight!
Be sure to save the date for next years event, September 10, 2022!

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Congratulations to A Simple Pig who took home 2nd place in the 2021 Marshfield Community Rib Cook-Off. We hope you had the chance to try some of their ribs at this year’s event! ...

A big thank you to the over 1,800 people that came out to the 2021 Marshfield Community Rib Cook-Off! You helped raise close to $23,000 for local charities and made the event our most successful to date!

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MCRCO President @shalkosheehan and Vice President @robertpaulkjellman recently sat down at @watdgram to discuss where the money raised during the event goes.

One of this years charities was the McKinney-Vento of Marshfield which helps homeless children and teens in Marshfield and around the South Shore.

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Are ribs always on your mind? They are for the Marshfield Community Rib Cook-Off. Start prepping those back yard rib recipes for the 2022 Cook-Off now and be sure to check regularly for updates on the 2022 event. Can’t wait to see you there!
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Another year, another new winner of the Marshfield Community Rib Cook-Off. Congratulations to Fire For Effect BBQ, an all Veteran team competing in the event for the very first time.
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One week to go before the 13th annual rib cook-off. Get your wristbands now. ...

Quiete a tribute to a strong young soul. RIP Danny ...

Banner is up. Check it out. Don't forget to get your wristbands early. ...

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