Meet the 2022 Competitors


Meet the 2022 Winners & Teams

The crowd weighed in and the 2022 People's Choice Award goes to: Sarcastic Swine BBQ


The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome back “JDQ BBQ” as a 2023 competitor.

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16 Mesh BBQ

A family team who have been competing since 2021 and loves bbq and sharing our food with the world. Thankful to have won a grand

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Kath’s Racks

Kath’s Racks is a scrappy team of twenty-somethings who have a burning love for smoked meats and friendly competition. Lead by Kath Mooney, professional “broad”

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Mickey Finn BBQ

Delivering tasty BBQ since 2013. Bunch of friends coming together, sharing a love of BBQ and supporting great causes. We are not pros, but, we

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Bovine Intervention

After working two decades bringing other people’s recipes to life, Scott launched a BBQ catering business, Bovine Intervention, to put his own unique spin on

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Sarcastic Swine BBQ

Sarcastic Swine BBQ is a quick service restaurant in Abington with a satellite location in Middleborough. We offer full service catering, takeout catering, and

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Smokestack Joe’s

MCRCO welcome’s Smokestack Joe’s, a family team that is new to competition but not new to barbecue. They got addicted to cooking BBQ after receiving

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The Rib Ticklers

A family founded team that went from patron to participant. With a passion for barbecue and a collective drive to better the community, the Rib

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Saints BBQ

A Saint’s BBQ rib aims to focus more on the rub, and is not as saucy or wet as some other ribs. It combines a

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Wood & Steel BBQ

Wood and Steel BBQ started out in the early 2000’s when 3 friends discovered that they each enjoyed hanging in their backyards and cooking slow

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A Simple Pig

Like everyone who competes – for returning Marshfield Rib Cook-off competitor and 2021 2nd place winner “A Simple Pig”, it all started when friends

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First Rib-Sponders

The Marshfield Community Rib Cook-off is thrilled to welcome back “First Rib-Sponders” as a 2023 competitor representing the Marshfield Fire Department.

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Fire for Effect BBQ

South of Boston BBQ

JD Que

Ya Porkin Me

Bone Up BBQ

Wood & Steel BBQ

Morning Wood BBQ

Park St. BBQ

Mad Mikes Smokin Hawg BBQ

Leo's Smokehouse

Kath's Racks

First Rib-Sponders

2 Mics & A Mack

Patriot Pigs

Cat Dads BBQ

Half Inked

Smoking Guns

Wine & Dine BBQ

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