John Cataldi


John Cataldi is head Chef and owner of Solstice Restaurant and A3 Pizza in Kingston, MA and brings an affinity for BBQ to this year’s panel of judges.

After working the Charleston Food Festival in 2015 alongside highly regarded BBQ master John Lewis, Cataldi was blown away by Lewis’ technique and quality of His Q’.

Cataldi came home and set about welding his own Texas “stick burner” from scratch out of a 500 gallon propane tank with guidance from Lewis to mimic true Texas BBQ.  John Lewis now owns Lewis BBQ Charleston SC and had previously built smokers for, and worked for, the infamous Franklin BBQ and LA BBQ both located in Austin TX.

We use the smoker at Solstice weekly for our house smoked bacon, sausage and other smoked items, and occasionally we smoke BBQ brisket, ribs and Texas “hot links” for catering events and private parties. 
– John Cataldi

John and his wife Hollie opened Solstice Restaurant in September of 2003 after purchasing an old train station and renovating it to bring critically acclaimed food and service to the South Shore.

Later John expanded his culinary offerings and opened A3 Pizza modeled after the food served at his father Thomas’ small red sauce Italian American restaurant. A3’s menu of pizza, pasta, chicken parmesan and salads are inspired by his dad’s recipes with a modern, healthier twist.

MCRCO is thrilled to have John join the panel of judges at this year’s Rib Cook-off event.

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