Bill Minahan

Bill Minahan is a renowned pitmaster and team captain who is widely regarded as a leading authority and expert in the field of barbecuing. His unwavering commitment to quality and consistency has earned him numerous accolades and recognition, and his passion for barbecuing has inspired countless individuals to pursue their own passions in the sport. Bill’s influence extends far beyond the competition circuit, and he is known for his innovative techniques and unique approach to the craft.

As the captain and pitmaster of “Que and a Half Men,” Bill led his team to win a total of 19 Grand Championships during their years of competition, cementing their place as one of the most accomplished and respected teams in the sport. Under his leadership, the team developed a unique style and technique for each of the four KCBS competition categories, which consistently earned them success. Although the team no longer competes, Bill’s contributions to the competition BBQ scene have left an indelible mark on the industry. His legacy as a passionate and innovative pitmaster will undoubtedly continue to inspire and influence individuals pursuing their dreams in the world of barbecuing.

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